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When building a solar power system, the project plays a fundamental role. Several conditions must be met, before the system can work properly.
Also, the selection of good and affordable products is very important, in order to reduce the operating and maintenance costs, as well as the total cost of ownership. Then the system pays off after few years of operation.
G-teK is supported by the main component manufacturers for its photovoltaics and thermal systems.
So we can provide the best of what technology can offer today, at a proper price.
Whether you are a customer or a technician, G-teK can help you finding the best solution for your problem, giving you the right tools to satisfy your need.


Power plants

  • Photovoltaic systems, either “stand-alone” and “grid-connected”
  • Photovoltaic modules for in-building integration.
  • Electronic systems for photovoltaics.
  • Batteries for “stand-alone” systems
  • Photovoltaic street lamps
  • Ultra-high efficiency solar collectors
  • Copper solar thermal collectors
  • Metal infrastructures

Thermal plants

  • Solar dryers
  • Solar Air heaters
  • Thermal solar systems for hot water production or heating systems

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Other renewables

  • Small to Medium size wind generators (120W up to 120 kW)
  • Mini-hydro power
  • Biomasses generators or Biogas
  • Hybrid generators

Other systems

  • Water treatment; seawage treatment
  • Heat PumpsEnergy saving devices
  • Special products for building insulation: natural coatings, reflective coatings, reflective films… Save energy while improving comfort


  • Enegineering
  • O&M
  • R&D

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